His name is Christopher.  He has sparkling blue eyes and a shy smile that captures not only your attention but your heart as well.  Life is good for Christopher, and he lets you know it with an infectious giggle that fills the room.

But things didn’t start out this way for Christopher.  His mom came to the pregnancy center suspecting pregnancy after an unfortunate decision one night.  She walked in already in tears, in a state of panic and fear.  A chance meeting with a kind-hearted woman at Publix (who had been a client of the center) led her to us that day.  This kind-hearted woman told her, “It won’t always be this bad, you will get past this.  Go to the pregnancy center and let them help you.”

I remember her reaction to the positive test results that Friday afternoon.  Her body began to shake, and her tears, already flowing, just multiplied.  She sobbed. Facing foreclosure on her home, and the loss of her business, the prospect of pregnancy was not a welcome one. In her late 30’s, never married and without any other children, this was not a path she envisioned for herself.  She was hesitant to make any decision about her pregnancy, so I encouraged her to take time to continue the decision-making process slowly.

We next addressed her immediate concerns: food, shelter and basic needs.  We provided some direct support to assist her, and then connected her to other community agencies to help with the other concerns.  She returned for follow-up visits with renewed calm, and a decision to parent this child.

She took classes at the pregnancy center and we guided her through the steps of Medicaid, and continued to monitor her return to stability.  It wasn’t easy, but was it worth it?  Christopher thinks so.  So does his mom.