My name is Trina and I am a single mom of a beautiful 8 year old girl and a handsome 4-month-old son. I am 31 years old and currently unemployed. I live with my mom, sister, niece and my kids.

When I found out I was pregnant, I had mixed emotions. I was sad because I was a single mom, again, and going to do it all alone. I was happy because I always wanted another child. I was also surprised – doctors had told me I only had a 5 percent chance of getting pregnant again.

My family was very supportive of me being pregnant, and was there every step.

I went to Grace House for a pregnancy test and I continued to visit for several reasons. First, every one of the staff are nonjudgmental and always helpful. Second, were the videos which helped me remember and learn about my pregnancy and how to care for my child. Third, the opportunity to earn baby bucks and buy necessities for my baby.

FPSSP videos have helped me get through my pregnancy by showing me what comes next and what my C-section would be like. I learned more about SIDS and safe sleep, as well as my child’s development and how to properly care for him.

I have and still recommend Grace House to others seeking help. From their friendly staff to the boutique store, they are always there for you. They provide you the help you need and genuinely care about you.