Being 20 years old, it seems I have still not processed the fact that I am pregnant, again. My son is almost 18 months old, and my boyfriend and I are anxious about him being a sibling. I have been very sick this pregnancy, so it has not been a fun experience and the fact that neither one of us are ready for another child has made this whole situation difficult. I am currently not in school nor am I employed, which makes the situation even worse. We live with my boyfriend’s parents as I do not have any contact with my own parents. As difficult as this whole situation is, I could never even consider abortion. The pregnancy center has been helping me with my pregnancy by providing the pregnancy test and parenting classes. They helped me previously with my son when I needed clothes and emergency diapers, and now they are able to help me with both babies.

I would recommend the pregnancy center for anyone who is expecting. Go there, get your facts, find out for sure if you are pregnant and what they can do to help.