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How Do I Tell My Parents I am Pregnant?

Finding out you are pregnant can be an overwhelming experience. When you consider sharing your news with the people you love, you might worry about how they will react or how it might change your relationship with them. 

It’s normal to have worries about telling your parents that you are pregnant, but remember that your parents love you. They might feel shocked or disappointed at first, but they will most likely want to be able to support you in a challenging situation.

Try to Understand Your Feelings First

Facing an unintended pregnancy is not easy. You might not know how you feel about the pregnancy yet, or you might have many feelings that contradict each other. These feelings are entirely normal for any pregnancy. 

Take some time to process your feelings to share them with your parents when you give them the news. 

Tell Them as Soon as You Can

After you have taken some time to process your feelings, it is best to tell your parents about the pregnancy as soon as possible. Here are some reasons why telling them early might be a better option:

  • As your pregnancy progresses, it might become evident that you are pregnant, and they might not understand why you waited so long to tell them. 
  • If you have told others, the news might get back to your parents unintentionally. Telling your parents about your pregnancy yourself will give you control over how your parents hear the news.
  • Putting off the conversation will likely only cause you more anxiety.
  • Telling your parents early in your pregnancy will allow them to process the news themselves. It will also allow them the opportunity to support you as you make decisions about the outcome of your pregnancy.

More Tips

If you’re still feeling unsure about how to talk to your parents about your pregnancy, here are some more tips:

  • Try to stay calm
  • Choose a convenient time when you can all sit down to talk without distractions
  • Be ready to answer questions that you think they might have
  • If you feel you need help, ask someone you trust to be with you when you talk to your parents

Remember, telling your parents about your pregnancy doesn’t mean that the outcome of the pregnancy is up to them. While they might be a valuable resource for weighing your options, this decision is still yours.


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