We’re here to help!

The Florida Pregnancy Support Services Program offers a network of pregnancy centers all over the state of Florida that will support you throughout your pregnancy. We provide a variety of free and confidential pregnancy help resources, from free pregnancy testing to parenting classes.

A caring professional, who is ready to listen to your concerns and needs, is available 24/7 via our helpline. We’ll connect you with a local pregnancy center that offers:

  • Pregnancy Help
  • 100% confidential service
  • Free pregnancy tests
  • Consultations
  • Counseling
  • Education & classes
  • Medical referrals
  • All at no cost to you!

No more wondering “Am I pregnant?” Call us today at 1 (866) 673-4673, fill out the confidential form below, or email us at floridapregnancy@optionline.org.

Free Pregnancy Tests

If you’re experiencing potential pregnancy symptoms such as missed period, nausea, fatigue, or breast tenderness, contact us today to put your mind at ease. Our partner centers offer free pregnancy tests so you can get an accurate result and support. Call our helpline 24/7 to at 1 (866) 673-4673 or fill out the form below to schedule an appointment for your free pregnancy test.