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How to Tell Your Boyfriend and Family You Are Pregnant

Facing an unexpected pregnancy is challenging, and it makes sense that you want the people closest to you to know about your pregnancy as soon as possible so they can support you. But telling them can feel overwhelming and scary if you’re unsure how they will react. 

First, choose if you will tell them separately or together. Depending on your relationship with your boyfriend, you might tell him first so that you can present the news to your family together. 

Take Time to Process

Pregnancy is an overwhelming experience even for women that planned their pregnancy. If pregnancy was not in your plans, you probably have many questions about how this pregnancy will change your dreams and goals. Take the time to understand how you feel before you share your news.

Plan the Conversation

Choose the right time and place to deliver your news. Wait until everyone is calm and not feeling rushed or stressed to get their full attention. Pick a comfortable location that has few distractions.

Consider what you want to say and deliver the message straightforwardly and calmly. Share your feelings about the pregnancy and any thoughts you have on how your plans have changed, tell them about your concerns, and let them know your hopes as well. Honesty and responsibility will go a long way toward showing your family that you can meet this challenge and succeed. You can demonstrate this by sharing resources that you have found to help you through your pregnancy and beyond.

Prepare Yourself for Their Response

Your family loves you and probably has dreams of what they think is best for your life. Those dreams might not involve pregnancy during this season of life, so they might need time to adjust to your news. Be patient as they work through whatever emotions they’re feeling. Keep the communication climate positive by actively listening to their responses and trying not to get defensive. 

Seek Help From a Third Party

If you don’t feel like you can have this conversation with your family alone, get help. Have a close friend or family member you trust be present to mediate the discussion and keep it productive. Another option is to use a professional counselor to help you prepare and guide the conversation.

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