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My First Visit to FPSS

My first visit to the pregnancy center was to take a free pregnancy test and verify my pregnancy, so I could apply for benefits. At that point I had no idea that the center would have other great services to offer and that I would soon become a regular at the women’s center. Some of these great services that have benefited me have been the Earn While You Learn program, the bi-weekly mommy support groups [...]

November 9th, 2018|

It Was Worth It!

His name is Christopher.  He has sparkling blue eyes and a shy smile that captures not only your attention but your heart as well.  Life is good for Christopher, and he lets you know it with an infectious giggle that fills the room. But things didn't start out this way for Christopher.  His mom came to the pregnancy center suspecting pregnancy after an unfortunate decision one night.  She walked in already in tears, in a [...]

My Amazing Support System

At the tender age of 19, one does not fully understand the sentiment of support. It is one of the furthest thoughts from a person’s mind. However, for a young woman dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, the feeling of support can be the most essential if not inspiring thought there is. As I am a young mother myself, I know exactly how the role of support can affect one’s life as well as others. When [...]

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The Story of Lici

Lici was 13 years old when she came here from Cuba. She started school and her family bought her a computer with internet access. Lici spent long hours on the computer trying to learn English as well as accessing popular sites such as Facebook and My Space. One day Lici met a young man on the internet who said he went to school with her and wanted to get to know her better. Not having [...]