I am 43 years old.  I just had a beautiful baby girl.  It is very likely that my precious baby would not have been born had it not been for the services I received through the Florida Pregnancy Support Services Program.  I came to the pregnancy center when I began to suspect I was pregnant.  I took a pregnancy test and, sure enough, I was pregnant.  I was scared and did not think I could go through with the pregnancy.  My youngest child was 14, and the thought of having to do this again and care for a baby at my age was overwhelming.

Two ladies at the center counseled with me and assured me that they would stand by me and assist me in any way they could.  I was still unsure and continued to consider abortion.  Eventually, when the shock of being pregnant began to wear off, I realized that I could not have an abortion.  The pregnancy center supported me throughout my pregnancy.  I took pregnancy classes and earned items for my baby, which have been very helpful.  I am continuing to take parenting classes and continuing to earn clothing, diapers and other items I need for my baby.

The pregnancy center does so much for me, and I am so grateful.  Sometimes, I am overwhelmed at the thought that if it were not for them I might have aborted this precious baby.